Updating Your PC Operating System

By   March 6, 2015

From “ignorance is bliss” to “surprise attack and disaster” – how many thousands of Internet users have experienced this frustration and grief?

This raises the obvious question: “Why haven’t they prepared to avoid it?”

The startling fact is that there are many long term Internet users who have never even considered updating their Operating Systems and protective Safe-ware.

Perhaps the complexity of it all contributes to what might be described as User apathy – or indifference and a lack of enthusiasm toward the following:

* The news of yet another vulnerability or patch process.

* The potential damage to computer, personal information and reputation – i.e. the “It can’t happen to me” attitude.

* Their own abilities – i.e. “I’m too old, too dumb, too whatever – to learn how to fix a computer without breaking something.”

* Updating – i.e. “My computer came with an anti-virus program, so why does it need to be updated now?”

The sad fact is that the lack of confidence people have in their ability to build a defense often leads to a reluctance to even accept the reality of Cyber Threats.

Some of the lesser-experienced Internet users rationalize their lack of action with pessimism, even defeatism. Human nature often supports these excuses with defensive attitudes and mis-beliefs like:

* False sense of disaster support – “My nephew, neighbor, son or whoever, is a computer whizz. They’ll be able to fix the problem if anything ever happens.”

* Scepticism – “All this talk about viruses is just so the “news people” will have information for publishing, and so the software manufactureres can scare people into buying more of their products.”

* Ignorance (of the extent of deception, skills and sophistication that the malicious hackers have attained).

* Disbelief (that personal computer might be infected and used by others to spread malicious viruses and worms). “My computer seems to be working OK – a little slow, maybe, but it is getting pretty old.”

* Overwhemed (too many choices with firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, Trojan removers). “Why do I need all of these and which ones should I use?” or “Do I really need to update my Operating System, my anti virus, spam, spyware stuff?”…I’ll just never learn how to do all of this.

* Expense (How much will all this cost and is it really necessary?)

* Fatalism – “Hey, if it’s going to happen, it will, and I’ll just junk my computer and get another one. Mine’s getting kind of old, anyway.”

Here, then, are the Shocking facts about updating PC Operating Systems.

There are many unaware Internet users who have been online for years, but lack in these ares:

* They don’t know what “Updating” really means.

* They have never responded to the popup message associated with the icon in the Task tray that announces new Windows Updates.

* They have never clicked on the Windows Update icon in the Program Start menu.

* They have never visited the Microsoft Windows Update web page at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

* They have never updated their PC Operating Systems.

Even if they have been able to navigate to the Microsoft Update webpage, many just throw up their hands in despair at the overwhelming number of choices and unknowns, such as:

* Choosing what to update from the long list of options.

* Waiting for Windows to check the registry for available updates.

* Deciphering the Update descriptions (and instructions).

* Selecting or Removing the necessary options.

* Starting the download.

And oftentimes, many people have never even used the Windows Help information to find out how to update their computer Operating Systems.

How many self taught or untrained computer users are going to persevere through all of the hassle described above? Is it any wonder so many computers become infected? The criminal Hackers building their bot and zombie armies have nearly an open and undefended playing field; many are using it every day to steal money and identities.

So, what is the solution to this problem?

If individuals with computer “understanding” would help and assist others with less knowledge, there would probably be less of a problem.

Nearly everyone who has faithfully kept their PC Operating Systems and Safe-ware up to date surely has family members and friends who could benefit from an hour or so of basic instructions. This would make it much more difficult for the criminal Hackers to compromise another persons computer.

Hacker’s would eventually be faced with a growing number of adequately protected computers, educated Users and hopefully would finally give-up trying!

Various Operating Systems

By   March 6, 2015

All the businesses of today are completely dependent upon computers and internet for running of their operational activities. One can say that business of today is addicted to the use of internet and computer, without which all the organizations around the world would have become died. Computer is the only drop that keeps them from dying.

To accomplish the needs of businesses, more advanced OS are developed by software engineers. Various operating systems are developed by Microsoft engineers, each having own unique features and uses. Operating system is software which contains all the data and programs for running the computer. Operating system controls and monitors all the functions of the computer including input and output of data and allocation of files to the appropriate drives. Different graphic designs are available for different operating systems. Functioning of each OS is unique and different from any other operating system.

It is very difficult to characterize the best one among all the OS but we can list top 10 OS receiving best feed back from the users.

Microsoft windows is a continuous chain of OS providing the best graphics and applications. History of MS windows goes back to the history of computers. Variety of windows were developed by Microsoft, satisfying the demands of people since long time. Earlier versions were windows 1.0, windows 2.0 and windows 2.1x. These windows were quiet simpler as compared to the latest windows of today but these were sufficient for the users of that time and were considered the best operating systems of the time.

Other versions which were developed later on include; Windows 3.0, windows 3.1, windows 98, 95 and ME, windows NT family. 64-bit OS, and windows CE. The new versions are made using latest technologies as the science and technology progressed.

Windows XP professional is the second most adored system. It is designed specially to meet the needs of personal computers, laptops, notebooks and business desktops. Most of the media centers are now preferring usage of windows XP for their daily use. Microsoft has put in it all that you want in an OS. Using this system is itself a great fun as it has lots of attractive graphics and applications.

Microsoft vista comes under the heading of best operating systems because of the latest technology put in it by the Microsoft engineers. Mac OSX system is almost similar to linux and is providing best functions. It is quiet cheaper and easy to use as compared to linux and unix. Ubuntu is not as advanced ad windows XP and Vista but is much easier and friendly as compared to other latest versions.

Fedora has got the best feed back when it comes under the heading of best OS fulfilling the needs of users. It has remarkable features that are not only attractive to use but also easier to handle even by a child. The user feels at home while operating with this system.

Mac OS X Leopard is more appreciated than Linux due to its easier operating style and efficient storage system.

Xandros Linux is a reliable operating system for students and businessmen. But not much appreciated due to the old styled graphics and applications.

Buy Operating System Software Online Costly Task

By   March 6, 2015

Scout the market and you would surely find out for yourself that a task to buy operating system software could be a really costly task. For quite some time, computer users and buyers know that when they buy operating system software, they are expected to allocate a significant amount of budget for the purchase. Because prices of the products do not go down, it is just logical for consumers to strive to find out why such trends are never reversed.

To begin with, an operating system is software itself, a computer program that facilitates the management of computer resources. The OS is providing programmers with a useful and effective interface that is used to access and use the resources integrated in the computer. This system works by managing and allocating internal system resources and tasks. In other words, no computer application can ever be accessed and run without the use of an operating sys. Thus, there is always a need to buy it.


Of course, it is already a well-known fact that the price tag is one specific and unique setback that prevents people from easily and widely buying an operating system. If you are to buy financial business software you should prepare a huge amount of money as such programs are not usually rolled out in the market at affordable and reasonable prices.

Thus, the price tag can be considered, the biggest setback. However, if you buy this software, you would easily infer and understand why the market is seeing more expensive OS. The answer lies on the usability and the necessity for any computer buyer to buy this system.

The high prices of OS also pave the way for the rise of many pirated and unauthorized versions of the software. Scout the market and you could surely come across pirated versions of OS. If you would buy intuit software, you surely would be at times tempted to check out the uses and advantages of pirated intuit software. Experts could not blame users for resorting to buy intuit software that are fake and pirated.

A necessity

There is no denying that it is a necessity to buy operating system software. As mentioned, most computer programs and applications depend on what type of the system is working in a computer. For example, a software manufacturer is requiring PCs to run at its own operating system as a prerequisite to the installation and use of its different applications and programs.

In this regard, there is no denying that buying and owning a computer operating system is a necessity. No computer application and program would ever run and function without the basic foundation and use of this.

Despite its expensiveness, you should still strive to buy operating system software. Most computer manufacturers and distributors are resorting to install OEM versions of such operating systems. This way, more consumers and computer buyers are more inclined and attracted to use this software. Some users complain that they are finding it really hard and challenging to buy operating system software from different sources and venues in the market.

Actually, you have no choice but to buy operating system software. Now, the only option and choice you could take is deciding which products, brands or OS you should buy and install into your personal computer. As always, you should strive to choose and purchase what could be the best and most effective OS for you.

The World of Popular Computers Operating Systems

By   February 13, 2015

The Internet is believed to have ventured into the world of computers in 1991. Since then it continues to grow at exponential rates. The key factors that drive the growth and success of the internet is the availability of easy web hosting provider.

In the days before, web hosting is definitely an expensive affair and limited to large organizations, multinational corporations, and corporate business. Today, everyone can create a website for their own personal use. During that time there were only a few web hosting providers, but now the number has increased rapidly. An emerging market with high levels of competition among providers of web hosting services.

When looking for web hosting providers, the most important thing to consider is the type of operating system that the server is running. Here are some of the major operating systems to choose from:


Linux is one of the most popular operating systems due to the availability of cheap and easy installation. The system was developed by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. This is an updated version of the Unix system with a wider range of functions and applications. The Advanced Linux technology is compatible with a wide variety of computer hardware and applications.


Macintosh server hosting that is very rare and not much significance in the world of the computer matches the requirements of today’s youth. This is one of the oldest operating system and hardly found on the computer these days. This system was first developed and marketed by Apple Inc. on January 24, 1984.


UNIX is very similar to Linux but relatively expensive than Linux. Computer users don’t like to use Unix because it is specific to a certain distance from the computer hardware and have limited application. This system was first developed in 1969 by a group of employees AT the T & at Bell Labs. The operating system is still used on many computers but the value and meaning have been drastically reduced after the introduction of Linux.


Windows is a very popular operating system that was first introduced on November 20, 1985 by Microsoft. This is a series of operating systems and graphical user interfaces that support a variety of computer applications. Over a period of time, Microsoft Windows has gained dominance in the world computer market and it is believed to have about 90% of the market share.